Speeches and Training

Jason’s diverse library of hard-hitting speeches and continuing education classes cover topics about how the system targets black families, how the formerly incarcerated can succeed after prison, and how white people can become allies and accomplices in dismantling systems of oppression. Here are some of his offerings:

  • Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
  • Teaching Healthy Masculinity
  • Emergent Strategy in Action
  • Collaborations Are Critical in Any Movement
  • Who Do You Trust to Lead You and Why?
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How Do You Bring Your Values to the Work?
  • How Are We Holding Elected Officials Accountable?
  • Developing Resilience in “At-Risk” Youth
  • Authentic Approaches: Reintroducing Community to Honesty!
  • In Base-building, You Must Love Your Squad!


Jason focuses his coaching practice on helping people leaving the prison system find their way upon re-entry. He also works with youth and young adults to help them develop a vision for their livelihoods and gain the confidence they need to get there. While this has been the bulk of his work, he’s highly effective in helping people accomplish their short and long-term goals.

Jason has helped shift hearts and minds throughout the nation, however, his individualized coaching has helped people overcome biases, overcome fear of public speaking, overcome childhood trauma, and overcome the fear of failure.


Jason can work with your business or organization to assess your culture from a racial justice lens and readiness to push further. From there, you can work with Jason to develop a strategic plan for attaining desired outcomes and organizational effectiveness. Some of the organizations Jason has helped thrive are: community-based organizations, colleges and universities, juvenile justice, faith-based institutions, mental health organizations and public health departments.